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Our mission

Our goal is to pursue fruitful and active research in the area of theoretical biology and the related disciplines of computational biology and bioinformatics, focussing on Evolutionary Dynamics. We want to inspire students to pursue a career in these fields, and offer talented students the opportunity for excellent training should they choose to specialize in this direction.

Our expertise

Sacha Gultyaev is a computational biologist. His work concerns the mapping from genotype to phenotype, through the study of the relation between primary and secondary structures and structure-function relationships in RNA.

Frietson Galis is a evolutionary developmental biologist. She studies innovations and mechanisms that facilitate evolutionary changes, and the constraining effect of internal selection on evolutionary changes (i.e. selection caused by characteristics of the developmental system).

Patsy Haccou is a mathematical biologist. Her work focuses on modeling the evolutionary arena, i.e. the interaction between evolving populations and their selecion environment.

Rino Zandee is a computational biologist, who works on methods for the reconstruction of phylogenies, with a special interest in historical biogeography and co-evolution.

Hans Metz is a mathematical biologist, who works on adaptive dynamics. His aim is to construct an overarching theory of phenotypic evolution, as a direct dynamical extension of ESS theory.

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